Russian bride guide: How to achieve Russian girls’ heart

A Western man can only dream of winning a gorgeous Russian bride. These women allure with their exceptional appearance and, exquisitely sharped minds, ability to stand up for themselves and simultaneously show femininity.

To really tame the Russian bride and completely win her heart, an American man has to learn more about the Russian mindset and psychological subtleties. Now, since we already gathered all you need in a single piece, your mission is to read and internalize!

A quick glance at Russian mindset

The mindset of a nation is the core thing one should examine to understand these people. Let’s learn some key aspects of Russian psychology.

Russian people blur moral principles

For many decades, the Russian people went through a lot, and such a line of trials made this nation highly resistant to any adversities. Of course, they can survive the most challenging times, but such an ability completely blocks the moral development of the country, making them stay cold and wary.

For Russian people family is in the first place

Russian people value their families and respect family traditions. In a typical Russian family, the man is the leader and provider, with the woman taking care of the children and domestic matters. Grandparents are considered wise and knowledgeable. Their opinion is important. Family plays a significant role in every member’s life choices and goals.

Russian people are conservative

The younger generation strives to bring about changes, while the middle-aged part of the nation adheres to old-fashioned principles. The older generation prays for hard work and selflessness. They don’t accept technological innovations and wish for the country never to change.

Russian people exalt education

Nevertheless, Russia was crucial to the world’s history of inventions and vital foundations. It leads to the fact that, nowadays, nearly every Russian sets graduation as a life goal. Russia has a great number of talented and enthusiastic engineers, coders, and experts in technological fields inside the country.

How to find a Russian bride without leaving your home?

Looking to meet Russian brides by traveling directly to Russia will likely not bring the required result. But, since Russian girls are eager to meet a guy from the US, you can direct your efforts to online dating. Here, take a look at why online dating is beneficial:

  • There, women are interested in relationships with a foreigner.
  • You can meet a girl who fits all your requirements.
  • You can be sure that all the girls there are single and, most importantly, real.

Meeting the Russian girls: step-by-step

How exactly can you find Russian women for marriage using a dating website? And what if you did, but she ignored your messages? Let’s resort to the roadmap.

  1. Pick a premium dating website. Dating websites can guarantee safety, reliability, and a top-notch user experience.
  2. Make a killer account. Its role is in attracting girls, not turning them away. So set a nice profile picture, fill out your bio, and mention your real age, occupation, and location.
  3. Set necessary filters. Maintain preferences, you can set filters for a girl’s appearance, body shape, hobbies, background, habits, and so forth.
  4. Start communication. Write women, stay creative and intriguing. The language barrier is not a problem—use the built-in translator.

The art of dating Russian girls

As you learned how and where exactly you could meet mail order brides from Russia, we presume you now see it’s not impossible. In case you’re ready to attack, we picked the top takeaways on how you can conquer the Russian beauty.

Show who is the boss here

If you recall the Russian vision of the proper family, you understand that providing for the family, making crucial decisions, and strategizing for family well-being all lie on a man’s shoulders. Demonstrate to the Russian bride that you’re ready to be the leader. Be persistent, pushy, and firm.

Offer her gifts instead of words

Russian women, since they’re highly practical and prudent, accept the value of physical objects more than the value of words. If you want to show your affection, offer her generous gifts. Don’t try to guess; better ask what she dreams of and fulfill her desire.

Let her know she is safe with you

Russian girls for marriage are looking for a strong man who is able to protect them. They want to feel safe, for example, strolling with their soulmate late in the evening. Assure your girlfriend of your reliability and dependability.

Be as serious as it takes

Russian females are looking for stability. Tell your girlfriend about your plans for her and mention you’re seriously looking to spend the rest of your life together. Let her visualize how it’ll be to live together in the USA. She needs to understand that what’s going on between you both is not a short-term affair.